Stomach Rumblings

The best meal I have ever had was after a morning of strolling around Petra. Sweaty and covered in ancient dust, we dove into platter after platter of tangy salads and smooth chickpea deliciousness. Mopping our plates with flat bread, we marveled at sand covered hills glimmering in the midday sun. We had traveled to a new place! We had witnessed one of the wonders of the world! We had heard Bono humming in a cave!

There are two distinctive qualities that have shaped me as a person: I am incredibly sweaty and I love food. The first is the reason why I don’t wear fitted grey shirts and lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle. The second has morphed into a full blown life philosophy.

I love food on its most basic level because it keeps me alive (a good thing) and it tastes good (a very good thing). It is aesthetically beautiful and makes for very good television – hello Guy Fieri! But most of all, I am enamored with the way food holds mystical time traveling properties. When I hear others discuss that special song that takes them back to a distinct moment, I struggle to relate. For me, food is that powerful mechanism. Moreover, food is an incredible connector. It is an act of love and nurturing and fellowship and spirituality to share a meal with another person. If I were a diplomat, the United Nations would just be one giant pizza party and we would finally achieve world peace!

One could say Ireland is pretty unique from Jordan. In fact, I think Bono might be the strongest connection there. But when I thought about how I wanted to record my travels, I could not help but think of that lunch outside of Petra and the thousands of amazing memories I have tied to beautiful places and their unique meals.

In this amazing opportunity to see the world, it only makes sense to me to share my experience through culinary moments. Whether it be cottage pie on the Cliffs of Moher or macarons under the Eiffel Tower, it’ll be both bon voyage and bon appetit. Whether you’re a loyal reader – hi Dad – or just exceptionally bored, feel free to drop in and check out the latest stop on the food tour.

Now, if anyone knows where my lad Hannah is, please tell her to hurry to our gate. I’m hungry!

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